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ZumoDrive announces its closure and migration to MotoCast

ZumoDrive announces its closure and migration to MotoCast

As we told you at the time, ZumoDrive is still a virtual hard disk service that adds a virtual drive to our local operating system whose content we enter in it, we will have accessible online from any other device that we can connect to the Internet. And I say well, still, since ZumoDrive announces the closure of its service on June 1 of this year, the date on which all content and user accounts will be safely deleted.

This means that those users who have an account in ZumoDrive will play from now until that date to locally support those files that you keep online, using the desktop tools that are still available.

ZumoDrive shutting down, affecting Yahoo! MyDrive, which is accessed via the web and accessed by mobile devices, and will move to MotoCast, also from Motorola, which offers a solution whereby users can access and interact with their own local files where they are. For this, this solution is made up of a tool that is installed on the computer and while it is turned on and with Internet access, local files can be accessed from other devices. It is also made up of another tool that allows the synchronization of the computer with the mobile device through a USB cable, so as to include in the mobile device those files that you want to reproduce without the need for Internet access.

Unfortunately for most users, the free MotoCast service is only compatible with a number of terminals from the Morotola company. It should also be added that those users of other solutions from the same company, such as HP Cloud Drive or Toshiba App Place Bundle, including ZumoCast, will not be affected by the closure of ZumoDrive.

Link: ZumoDrive Shutdown F.A.Q.