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Zoom Now Offers Two-Step Authentication to Strengthen Account Security


Zoom has already started implementing two-step authentication. A new security measure that is complemented by the rest of the options that Zoom offers to keep our accounts protected.

To activate this new option we only need to follow a few steps. And of course, we can customize it by applying the method that suits our needs.

To enable two-step authentication, it is necessary to enter our Zoom account to go to the security menu configuration or to our profile section. Zoom will ask us as a security measure for our password to activate it, and then show us all the available options.

We can choose SMS if we want the dynamics to be done through the mobile device. Or we can choose to use an application like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. This option also maintains a simple dynamic, since it only requires that we use the app to generate the login code in our Zoom account.

This does not replace our normal login, but rather adds a security bonus. If we choose a method and we are not satisfied with its dynamics or we notice that it is not comfortable for us, we can change it from the configuration of our profile.

It will only be necessary to go through the initial configuration of the new method and that's it. And we can apply the same dynamics to remove or replace the mobile device that we use for verification. This new option is available in both the web version of Zoom, mobile app, desktop version and in Zoom Rooms.