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Zofari, new mobile application for place recommendations [Android-iOS]


One of the functions that we can perform with our mobile devices is to receive recommendations of places based on a series of factors through specialized mobile applications. In this line, we can also now count on Zofari (, at least in the places where it currently provides coverage, since it is not available globally, in which users will receive recommendations of places that will be determined by a series of factors that takes into account Zofari’s own algorithm, which can also be known as the Pandora of places.

Founded by ex-director of marketing for Google and YouTube, Nate Weinstein, and his friend, Jason Kobilka, Zofari has its algorithm that seeks to find the similarity of places in reference to the place indicated by users, taking into account aspects such as demography of the place, commercial density, style of the place or prices, among others, to determine the suggestions. Still, being a recently created algorithm, it will continue to undergo improvements to offer better recommendations to users, where the information will be obtained from public data and data licensed by services such as Factual and Foursquare, as reported by TechCrunch, who also makes a Balance of the beginnings in the alpha stage at the beginning of this year until reaching the current application, built from scratch.

An interesting fact is that the Zofari algorithm will not take into account the likes and interests of the contacts of the users themselves, simply the interests of the same users, understanding that the contacts do not have to have the same interests.

Zofari has better coverage of the main metropolitan areas of the United States, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, etc., although more areas will be added over time. At the moment, the rest of users have to wait even to be able to take it to our Android and iOS terminals.