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Zendone – elegant GTD tool

Zendone - elegant GTD tool

As they say, that for tastes, colors. And this is applicable to the many online management tools that we find over time, allowing us to opt for those that fit our needs. The best thing is that there are many new generation GTD tools where they also emphasize the graphic part, in addition to its usability, which is precisely what happens with

Zendone is a fairly elegant GTD (Getting Things Done) tool that, in addition to allowing us to work with its functions, also allows us to link our Evernote and Google Calendar accounts, being able to obtain their instructions through simple actions that will serve as an example to understand Zendone’s own operating mechanics. It should be clarified that for the moment Zendone allows access only by invitation.

At the top we have the field where we will enter the actions, in which we can from marking as simple actions to linking other users or setting due dates for completion.

Then we have three tabs, the first being the one that allows us to see the actions to be performed, either in any of the areas we have configured, up to the actions performed. Then the other two tabs allow us to review and organize through projects, and the processing tray, which will allow us to create actions in a more summarized way based on the virtual psit that we have created.

A new productivity tool, elegant and with integration with other popular web tools, will make us consider Zendone in our daily work.

Link: Zendone