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Zenbo, the ASUS robot, will start selling in January


In a video featured on Facebook, ASUS has shown several of its robots singing a Christmas carol, a good way to announce the impending arrival on the market: Zenbo, his home robot, arrive in Taiwan in January 2017.

With Intel technology, on January 1 it will be sold for about 620 dollars, with limited units, for the 32GB model, there being a higher version, of 128GB, for 780 dollars.

ASUS collaborate with the National Taiwan Police Agency to allow for emergency video calls through Zenbo, and while not much detail has been given on how to work, the police may even be able to take over Zenbo to better assess the situation.

With Zenbo's voice control function we also have the possibility of ordering food, taxis or vans, as well as making purchases on the Internet, operating banks, listening to music and much more. We can also ask to clean the house, or to show games, all with voice control.

They have also introduced a block-based programming platform that will allow children as young as five to use logic to automate the movements of a Zenbo, a robot that will also tell stories with additional subscriptions so that they are not always the same.

The robot also allows you to control the TV and manage it remotely with the ZenWatch 3, as indicated in engadget, offering remote assistance, with alert and detection of falls, with a camera that detects depth, with dozens of sensors…. A jewel, although we must still see if in reality it is as useful as it is painted.