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Zagat launches its new website and mobile applications to help us find the best places


Gannon Hall, product manager of the group and director of Zagat, announced a few moments ago through the official Google blog, the launch of the new website and new mobile applications for Android and iOS, with the aim of putting the best restaurants and nightclubs within our reach. Remember that this project has been in existence for 34 years, improving the quality of the results based on constant surveys of users who are passionate about places, and that was acquired by Google in September 2011, thus allowing to improve the recommendations of restaurants, shops or accommodations in the searches.

In this announcement, they highlight the offer of ratings and reviews for free and without the need for prior user registration, which also includes the latest news and video content made by expert local editors, selected lists, powerful searches, and Maps navigation to help us find the best place to go. And it is no longer due to lack of information that we choose a local or another, where we can attend to both the precise data and the opinions of users to make our own decisions.

That is, the new Zagat only covers restaurants and nightclubs in nine cities around the world, such as London, Chicago, or Boston, and which expects to expand in the next few months to 50 US and international destinations, also covering shopping stores, hotels, and other places of interest. Before the expansion, the announcement indicates, it will also offer the ratings and reviews through the website itself, at

As expected, mobile applications are not available to all users internationally, in fact, if we go to Google Play from Spain, we will see how it indicates that it is not available for any of our devices. At least it allows us to browse through the website itself, which will serve as a guide if we go to some of the currently supported cities.

Link: Zagat | Goes: Announcement through the official Google blog