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YuuWaa – online file storage and management service from anywhere

YuuWaa - online file storage and management service from anywhere

When we regularly hear or read about cloud storage services, services such as Dropbox, Box, Sugar Sync or even Adrive may come to mind as some of the best known. Keep in mind that there are more options, such as YuuWaa, which facilitates the storage of files through the cloud with the possibility of being shared with our contacts.

YuuWaa can be managed via the web without any difficulty, in fact it allows us to drag files to its interface to start uploads, in addition to being able to generate our own photographic collections. For this, it gives us 2 GB for free, although it has struck me that this storage space will be in force for 10 years. It also allows us to increase our storage space with one of the payment plans that we offer to users.

The important thing is not only to have our files in the cloud, since it also has that we can access them at any time and anywhere, so there are mobile applications for both Apple terminals and those that incorporate the operating system. from Google, Android. If it were not enough, it also has a desktop application. All these tools allow us to upload files, download them, manage them and share them from anywhere.

As we can read in its description on Google Play, it incorporates an automatic backup function. So far it seems to be an option not well known to the general public, although it is always important to keep it in mind.

Link: YuuWaa web | Goes: AddictiveTips