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yutongo, a new project created to find and hire ideas


The world has become a race where only the most creative manage to reach the finish line with a smile on their faces. Companies of all sizes and countries sit down every day in search of ideas: the best image that represents their new product, the next fashion game, the video that will have 5 million visits in a single day, the way of managing internal projects … ideas are the protagonists of humanity (they always have been), and at they have created a platform that can help us find and manage them.

The idea is to create a market in which creatives help companies define concepts and charge money for it. It is possible to send projects, if we need help, or view what companies have uploaded in order to participate in the details.

Each company can request ideas and specify what will be paid for each one. As it is a closed beta application (you have to receive an invitation), the projects included are small, some of them testing, so there is still nothing of the kind: send your idea and get 100 dollars.

On their page they present the possible uses of the project:

Create ideas for new products, names, services, strategies, etc; collaborate with a team (clients or employees) that works with innovation); hire creative people around the world and make payments from the app; manage the ideas collected using the platform, exporting the data in PDF or spreadsheet; create a custom page for our brand and optimize all crowdsourcing projects in one place.

A good idea where creatives don’t pay, they charge, and companies can show what they need by paying an amount proportional to the number of projects they’re working on.