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YouTube will allow channels to broadcast live videos

Eventos en directo

There are creators who have made use of YouTube to show the world those facets in which they excel best, whether through music, through sports, through games, and through many other possible categories. That is why YouTube will allow channels to broadcast live videos worldwide, a feature that will be available in the coming weeks and in which the channels must have their accounts verified and be in good condition for them to have the option. to be able to use it.

Those interested can check if their channels may have the option to use this new functionality through the features page of the YouTube account or wait for live events to appear within the video manager, according to the announcement itself.

In order for creators to connect with fans, YouTube also allows them to launch Google+ Hangout on Air directly from the live event manager on YouTube, a way to reach fans live and invite them to participate.

So if any of us who are at least curious if we can use YouTube’s live events, we can already make the query, which in my case I have already found with this option available, which indicates that I can use my webcam and have video and audio control. It will be a matter of waiting to test the possibilities offered by this feature in order to meet our own audience.