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Youtube TV arrives to offer a real alternative to television

Youtube TV arrives to offer a real alternative to television

Youtube TV arrives to offer a real alternative to television

Today the launch of YouTube TV, the YouTube television service with which it intends to compete with television, has taken place.

You may think that YouTube was already the competitor of television, but that is only half true. In reality, the public that watches TV and the one that follows youtubers is quite different.

So, so far, all of YouTube’s attempts to fill that niche have been met with lukewarm reception. For example, when they launched their own production series and a paid service.

Youtube gets into real television

Instead YouTube TV takes it more seriously; although on the way I lose the YouTube part.

Youtube TV is a television service that will offer some of the main channels in the US market; from ABC, CBS, Fox to NBC, there are forty channels including local ones.

We are before traditional programming in a modern setting. By this I mean that to watch YouTube TV you will not need a decoder or any other device connected to the TV.

Instead, it has your own app for iOS and Android that we can install on our smartphone, tablet, or device connected to the TV. It is also compatible with Chromecast.

Launch of YouTube TV, only in the USA

It also has other advantages over other services. We have no limitations on storage to record shows, because it uses the storage that the device has.

We can also share access with six accounts in every home, and stream to any screen.

Youtube asks a subscription of $ 35 a month, but good luck hiring it. At the moment, only a very limited number of cities in the US can access YouTube TV, and it goes without saying that the rest of the world will still have to wait.

Thus, the importance of YouTube TV is more in what it represents than in what it offers. For the vast majority of the planet it does not make any difference; But I am sure that the big television companies have followed this announcement very closely.