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Youtube Themes, another way to discover videos that interest you

5 Youtube tricks you probably didn't know

5 Youtube tricks you probably didn't know

The Youtube Themes can be used to receive videos that may interest you in your subscriptions.

Finding new content on YouTube can be difficult, and certainly not for lack of video; Let’s say that YouTube’s recommendation system still leaves something to be desired.

For example, right now I just listened to a song and the YouTube sidebar recommends me to watch a video below that I already saw a few minutes ago; that when it does not fill the main page of the most popular videos of the moment, regardless of your tastes.

Finding channels to subscribe to can therefore be very difficult. At least YouTube has a method to receive videos of our favorite hobbies.

Find new videos and channels to follow with Themes

It’s called Topic or Topic, and it’s a functionality that collects videos of a specific theme. If we subscribe to a topic, thereafter we will receive related videos on our subscription list; even if we are not subscribed to the channels of those videos.

Themes have been on YouTube for a long time, they are not new, much less; but it’s probably one of the least used features of the site. Much of the blame lies with YouTube itself, which not only does not bother to promote the feature; We cannot access it from the main menu either.

Therefore, the only way to find topics that interest us is to search for them.

How to find Youtube Themes

To do this, we just have to do a search for the term that interests us, and topic. For example, if we are interested in movies, we have to search for movies topic; If we search for theme films we will not have the same results, it has to be a topic in English.

After doing a search with these terms, we will see that in the results now different channels appear, which are characterized by ending in – Topic. If we subscribe to those channels, from then on we will receive new related videos.

Keep in mind that the selection of videos that enter a Theme is automatic, and therefore can suffer the same problems as YouTube; However, personally, I have found it useful to find new videos and interesting channels.