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Youtube talks about the effect of Buy Visits


It is no secret: there are many YouTube users who buy visits to inflate their channel numbers, just as many Twitter users do. In the case of YouTube, several companies offer to increase the number of followers of a video channel using less transparent promotion techniques, and that is something that can be expensive.

This is explained in the YouTube blog, where they report that it is becoming a priority to detect the channels and companies that are in charge of buying and selling followers in an unnatural way and link to this support page that includes texts related to allowed and not allowed ways to expand the community of followers of our videos.

Long-term success on YouTube is based on creating great content and engaging with followers. If you are looking for ways to grow your audience by paying, it is important that you know that there are legitimate options like YouTube’s TrueView, but if you are considering a third party service, please proceed carefully and know how you are going to promote your content:

Ask where the videos will be promoted Ask about data transparency and analysis Ask about specific demographics

They say that we are responsible for the traffic of our videos. If we hire a company that generates spam, we will be the ones to pay the consequences, not that company. We may lose some videos or even see how our account is canceled.