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YouTube launches the fan search engine

Fan Finder

With the idea of ​​attracting new fans to join the existing fan communities behind YouTube channels, the YouTube team has just announced the launch of the Fan Finder, an initiative by which users that, depending on their interactions, they may be potential fans of certain channels, they will be offered ads belonging to those channels at the beginning of the videos, which can jump to five seconds, so that if they are curious, they can investigate these channels And, if you wish, be part of your fan communities.

The service will be offered free of charge to the owners of YouTube channels, who are given a series of tips when making promotional videos, which once made, they will send to Fan Finder to be shown to Potential users like TrueView video ads. These tips go in the direction that the owners of the channels make short and attractive announcements, make the users entertain according to the themes of the content, always keeping the messages they want to carry, always attracting attention and making the brand clear. from their own channels.

This initiative joins the one that has been in existence for a few months called Top Fans, which is focused on maintaining contact with the already established fans of the channels themselves. It is, therefore, an idea that seeks to increase the communities of the channels, after having tools to be in contact with the already consolidated communities of the channels themselves.