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YouTube adds 2160p to its video options menu for 4K resolution videos

YouTube 4K

One of the things expected in the coming year 2014 is the definitive deployment of the 4K video standard, so that we can already find devices that accept this standard on the market, and good proof of this we have in the shopping centers where we can already find different models of televisions that support it.

But that is not all, since there are companies that are doing tests with 4K content, and in fact some television networks are also starting up in this regard. When it comes to Internet video services, we already mentioned that Netflix is ​​testing it, and now, despite YouTube accepting 4K video clips since 2010, according to Neowin, YouTube has modified its menu. of video options this week to allow the viewing of videos in 4K, either for videos under resolution of 40962160 or 38402160. This way, we will no longer have to indicate in the options to Original to see the videos available in 4K as it was done. until rather recently.

It is clear that the technology sector is advancing rapidly to make the leap to 4K video content, something that we will see throughout this coming year 2014 with the appearance of more devices and content under this standard, among them, a long-awaited 20 ″ Panasonic tablet to carry the Windows 8.1 operating system.