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Your iPhone can call emergencies without anyone noticing

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Your iPhone can call emergencies without anyone noticing

Surely many of you will remember that Siri could make an emergency call if you asked her to charge the phone 100%. Don’t try it now, Apple withdrew that mode Calling 112 or 911. We don’t know if it was a curious mistake, or if it was a secret method that lost its usefulness by ceasing to be secret.

The thing is, the idea of ​​secretly making emergency calls is very good. We can be in situations, like a robbery or a kidnapping, where we cannot call 112 without more. So Apple has thought of another way to make this emergency call. And the developers with the iOS betas have noticed it.

Press the power button 5 times to call 112


This is how it is done: pressing the power button five times in a row. By doing so, a countdown will appear on the screen, and if we let it pass, the phone will make an emergency call.

During that call, and even though we deactivated it, iPhone will always use location to locate us and send her to the emergency services. And, when the call ends, send a warning SMS to emergency contacts that we have.

Apple has integrated this feature into the iOS 10.2 beta, and there is no reason to think that it will not reach the final version. Meanwhile, developers who have the beta installed can use it. At the moment, and in beta version the function is activated by default.

To some users it may seem awkward, a way to inadvertently call Emergencies. This is uncomfortable for us, occupying resources that a person in distress may need

However, it is a perfect way to call 112 without even taking your phone out of your pocket. If we are about to lose consciousness, with the iPhone blocked by a stranger, or even in a situation where we are in danger, pressing the button 5 times without taking the phone out of our pocket will be asking for help.


Apple already integrated this feature into your Apple Watch. Just press and hold the side button to call your local emergency number. And in any case they are good news that this feature reaches the iPhone.