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Your headphones can be hacked to spy on you

Your headphones can be hacked to spy on you

Your headphones can be hacked to spy on you

Headphones are a very benign piece of equipment. And we all have some, just like we have music on our computer. So the discovery that headphones can be used to spy on us puts us on alert.

The case is that there is a small trick to turn your headphones into a microphone. Even if the headphones don’t have a microphone, I know you can use them as a microphone. Both headphones and microphone work the same way, and headphones can be an unconventional microphone in times of need.

The problem is that a group of Israeli researchers has managed to find the method to spy on people through headphones, according to Wired. Before you go to cut them with scissors, the hack requires these headphones to be connected to a hacked computer. So unplug the headphones and keep reading.

Speake (a) r, the hack to spy on you through the headphones

Hacking is easy: Speake (a) r exploits a bug in Realtek codecs and converts the headphone jack into a microphone jack. In this way, if there is any headset connected, the hack is able to listen through the microphone. And so listen to everything that happens in the room, being able to serve as Spanish.

At the moment there is no evidence that such an attack has been made. But the developers claim that this attack is very possible, and that people do not think about this possibility. For example, many users cover the webcam and the microphone to make their use impossible, but they would never have fallen into this type of attack.

In any case, Realtek codecs work on almost any computer that we find. So it’s hard not to be affected, unfortunately. At the moment,try to disconnect your headphones if you do not plan to use them in a good time.