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Younited, all your local and cloud content stored securely


It’s great to have so much cloud service to store files, but everything has its downside. And it is that between the 3GBs that one offers us and the free 5GB that others offer us, sometimes we end up storing the material in the cloud in an inevitably dispersed way. Younited, in this case, offers us security, unification and the possibility of sharing material from our library, three in one.

Photos, videos, documents, pdf files, and everything that may be related to our digital life can be stored in a single service, safely, from Windows and divided into sections that we will see available in the section home. Additional functions allow us to mark those special files as favorites and view all those that we have shared on social networks in another category called Shared stuff.

Security is one of the main strengths and characteristics at Younited. Obviously we start by explaining that it is a great tool when it comes to organizing content, but just as important to many is the fact that Younited was born entirely aimed at keeping our files privately without any organization or government being able to access them and without us having to worry about private information being sold to advertising brands.

The service has not yet been officially launched, but you can pre-register to have exclusive access to it on the official page linked above – registering your e-mail at Reserve a spot.