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YouDazzle – new collaborative platform for file sharing and meetings.

YouDazzle - new collaborative platform for file sharing and meetings.

YouDazzle is a new platform of recent appearance that will allow users to share files as well as the establishment of digital encounters through our web browser. To use this service, we have to go through one of its three existing pricing plans, which we can try for free for 14 days, although we also have a free plan that only offers us 1 GB of space and the possibility of creating a single room.

With our user account created, we can create as many rooms as we need, according to the chosen pricing plan, and configure each one, where we can assign them to some of the different brands we have. Now we only have to add the other members, with the possibility that some of them may also have the role of administrator, and start uploading files, so we can do it via the web or through the email address that is automatically has generated us. We can also add links to websites.

All the material that we are adding can be managed by distributing it by directories, in addition to being able to access the contents of them and about them, establish discussions, which will allow us to establish the corresponding collaborations.

Already outside the rooms we have an option that allows us to share files or screenshots in real time, for which we will need to have Java installed on our system. With this option, not only will we be able to work with our collaborators, but they will also have access to those guests whom we can invite, although they can only see the documents or screens without the possibility of downloading anything to their local systems.

In addition, YouDazzle has an activity analysis service as well as integration with Dropbox in each of the plans they have available.

Link: YouDazzle | Goes: TechCrunch