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You won't have to wait long for the next big Windows 10 update

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

The next Windows 10 update will be released in September., just half a year after the Creators Update.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft already announced that it was going to change its working method; Instead of launching a couple of Service Packs and moving to another system, Windows 10 will receive many updates, and in no time we will receive another.

Redstone 3, the next update of Windows 10

At the moment it doesn’t have such an attractive name, only the code name Redstone 3; But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a major upgrade. Especially since many of the promises that the Creators Update could not fulfill.

If you remember, Microsoft presented many news that have not given signs of life. The union of Mail and Skype in a single social application, with which we can share anything simply by dragging, for example. We are also waiting for the new activity center.

Redstone 3 is expected to bring some of these new features, in addition to other features in development. One of the most interesting is the new energy management, which will give users more decision-making capacity.

With this new functionality, the system can optimize processes that are in the background to spend the least amount of energy possible; Or we can open a new menu from the notification bar, and increase the amount of energy allowed. Microsoft promises an 11% battery upgrade, which is not bad at all.

Project Neon, the new Windows 10 design, will probably also debut with Redstone 3.

Two updates a year, the plan for Windows and Office

Today Microsoft has announced that Redstone 3 will be released next September. Not only that, but he has shared his plans for future updates; for both Windows 10 and Office.

Hereinafter, every March and every September of every year Windows 10 and Office 365 will receive a big update. In this way, it is more predictable to know when things will change, something that developers will appreciate, but also users.

Each new release will be supported for only 18 months; This is why, for example, the initial version of Windows 10 is no longer supported.