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You may not have noticed, but with iOS 10.3 your iPhone has more space available

Use the flash of your iPhone to find out about notifications

Use the flash of your iPhone to find out about notifications

Depending on the capacity of your iPhone or iPad you can have up to 7.8 GB extra available.

If you have already updated to iOS 10.3 you may notice that this time it has taken much longer than usual. The iPhone 7 took just 20 minutes on average, but some older devices like the iPad Air 2 took as long as 50 minutes. Although before you start screaming out loud ! scheduled obsolescence! sure that glad to know that in return your iPhone or iPad now have more free space available.

This is due to a change so important that it is strange that it has gone so unnoticed. And it is that with iOS 10.3 Apple has changed the file system from the old HFS + (which is more than 31 years old) to the modern APSF (alias Apple File System). It may sound Chinese to you at first, but the file system is a crucial part of system performance and optimization.


This is because the new file system has been thought for SSD hard drives, while the old one was born at the time of the floppy disk. The new system is so versatile that it works perfectly from a device where energy savings take precedence, such as the Apple Watch, to one where only performance matters, as in the case of the most powerful Macs.

In addition, APSF supports 64 bits, does not duplicate data if not redirecting to the original file (which saves space), it makes a more effective management of the partitions, reduces the latency when accessing information (higher speed), it includes an error protection system to avoid data loss and, finally, is fully encrypted.

Up to 7.8 GB more space on your iPhone

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, With the arrival of APFS, each iPhone and iPad has been able to optimize the space occupied by the system, files and apps which has resulted in more memory available to the user.

This increase has been proportional according to the size of the hard disk of each device. According to Apple Insider, in the case of himDevices with 256 GB can now enjoy up to 7.8 GB more space. While on a device 128 GB the extra space is over 3 GB. In the case of 16GB devices, as reported by ArsTechnica, the gain remains at 300 MB. It may not be much but it is certainly appreciated.