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You can now send Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents via WhatsApp

You can now send Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents via WhatsApp

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You can sendOffice documents through WhatsApp.

More news for WhatsApp,the well-known messenger service continues to enrich its functions and, although they are not revolutionary

At the beginning of last month WhatsApp finally activated the possibility of send documents Through chats, thus complementing the sending of photos, videos, locations, contacts and audios.

Send via WhatsApp Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more documents

However, the sending of documents by WhatsApp was a bit limited, since it only allowed sharing PDF files. It was a matter of time that they were gradually adding new formats and, as reported by our colleagues from The Free Android, the latest version accepts Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

This compatibility comes with the WhatsApp version 2.16.25 for Android,and now it allows to send PDF documents, but also documents in .DOCX and .XLS format, that is, the common Word and Microsoft Excel files. In addition, EAL has also tested PPTX documents from PowerPoint and text files TXT, all working without problem.

At the moment, these news come to that version of WhatsApp for Android, but it is a matter of time that they also appear on iOS.

More than 60,000 million daily messages between WhatsApp and Messenger

Let’s remember that a few days ago WhatsApp added, at last, the encryption of communications with end-to-end or end-to-end encryption,

During the inaugural Facebook F8 conference it was announced that between WhatsApp and Messenger they send each day, 60,000 (sixty thousand) million messages daily. Facebook has two huge communities under its arm and, after the news announced for Messenger (bots and much more), it is more than clear that the day will come when WhatsApp will become part of what, at least, will force users to change applications to base to improve one and leave the other with very simple functions.

For when the GIFs on WhatsApp? We need GIFs, we need them.