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You can now save your live Instagram videos

You can now save your live Instagram videos

You can now save your live Instagram videos

The new version of Instagram already allows download the videos live what you do so you can save them forever.

Last November Instagram added the function of broadcasting live video, thus joining the list of services with this feature. Video content is undergoing a spectacular increase (and more than growing) that is why Facebook people also brought to the social network the possibility that anyone could broadcast live.

It made sense, the Instagram community is huge and very active, however the live videos from instagram they had a peculiarity: they were ephemeral, they disappeared as soon as they finished.

Save Instagram Live Videos to Mobile

That is, unlike Instagram Stories, which disappear from the social network within 24 hours of being published, the Live videos are only available for the duration of the broadcast. Once the user stops broadcasting, the video disappears forever from anywhere, making it impossible for users to watch it again (or watch it for the first time, if they hadn’t arrived in time).

Today Instagram announces the update to version 10.12 and slightly improves this, as users we can save the videos live once we finish them. That is, when the video ends, the save button will appear in the upper right.

The live broadcast will become a video that we will have available in the gallery of our phone, that is, neither the Likes, nor the number of viewers nor the comments they would have made will be saved. Imagine that during the live something special happens, at least you can save it forever.

This update arrives in the next few hours on iOS and Android. Of course, don’t forget to go over all the tricks to dominate and squeeze the most Instagram.