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You can now play Pokémon Go on Windows Mobile phones

You can now play Pokémon Go on Windows Mobile phones

You can now play Pokémon Go on Windows Mobile phones

You can now download and Play Pokmon Go on Windows 10 Mobile thanks to this client created by a third party. It’s something.

Pokmon Go has already accumulated tens of millions of downloads on Google Play and the App Store, and Android and iOS users have already received some updates that improve and polish the game a little more, but no trace of the version for Windows.

Luckily, the wonderful communities and a developer has createdPoGo-UWP, a Pokmon Go client for Windows 10 Mobileleveraging the Windows Universal Application Platform (UWP).

Pokmon Go for Windows 10 Mobile, thanks to a third party

Neither Niantic nor Nintendo have much intention of creating an official version of Pokmon Go for Windows. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the market share of mobile devices with its operating system is minimal and many developers do not directly take into account the platform because they prefer to focus resources and effort on iOS and Android.

However, that does not mean that community of developers can’t do something about it and that’s precisely what you want to achieve with PoGo UWP, a Pokmon Go version for Windows Phone.

It’s a third-party client, but gamers will be in exactly the same world as other iOS and Android users, seeing the same Pokémon around them because it uses Niantic’s API data.

Only a few hours ago it was available in beta, Although its developer has already released several small updates and continue to do so to try to improve it. You can find all the details and download link here:

PoGo UWP, Pokmon Go for Windows phones

It is functional, but unfortunately it is not perfect. Login with Google is not available (only with a free Pokmon trainer account), the animations and interface have to improve, it does not have support for eggs, nor the Pokdex, nor gyms at least for the moment.