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You can now download the new Paint 3D

You can now download the new Paint 3D

You can now download the new Paint 3D

Paint renews itself, Microsoft has endowed one of its most mythical programs with features so that anyone is able to create objects and designs in three dimensions. Download Paint 3D now.

The last microsoft event will be remembered for the pica presentation of theSurface studio, the first all-in-one computer of the company that is much more than an all-in-one and, at least, is different from any other seen so far (if you have not seen it yet, stop by, play the video and enjoy ).

There were also improvements in Surface book, but Microsoft devoted a large part of the event to talking about software. Specifically to the next update of Windows 10, which will be called Creators Update and will be free for current users of the system.

Try the new Paint 3D and start creating

Microsoft seems bent on exploit our creativity and that’s why they spent almost a long hour demonstrating what Paint 3D is capable of. With more than 100 million monthly users, this program is not exactly the most advanced for editing photos and creating images, but in its new version it will differentiate itself from the rest, making it easier than ever. creating and editing 3D objects.

Paint 3D will work together with an application for the smartphone, so that we can transfer real-world objects to the computer that we have previously captured. This has confirmed that it is available for Windows, iOS and Android.

Here’s a video of what Paint 3D is capable of (and a little practice):

Download Paint 3D now for Windows Insiders

Well, if you want to try Paint 3D before the arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update, you can do it, but that is, you must be part of the Windows Insiders program.

Windows Insiders It is the program of users who help the development of the Microsoft system, testing preliminary versions before anyone else and being able to give your feedback to report errors or elements to improve. Here are all the details.

Done this, you can already try Paint 3D because it is available from the App Store Windows:

Paint 3D in the Windows App Store