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You can finally delete the pre-installed programs in Windows 10

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Microsoft has heard, and soon we can delete the pre-installed programs in Windows 10.

We don’t know if bloatware is worth it for developers, I personally don’t know anyone who uses an app just because it comes pre-installed on their new mobile, but what is clear is that it is not a business model that is going to disappear soon.

And yes, when I talk about bloatware I put in the same bag both the third-party applications that have reached an agreement with the manufacturer, as well as the applications that come by default with the operating system.

No, Windows 10, I will not use the Mail app even if you have decided to associate with my Microsoft account and send me notifications every two by three. It is things like that that cause frustration, because you have to spend time looking for some way to disable them, because the system itself does not leave you.

Bloatware, a problem that also affects Windows 10

In the case of Windows 10, it comes standard with several applications, many of which are very useful (in fact, I use a few), but others that really do not serve much more than to enhance Microsoft’s services.

And if you try to go to Settings -> System to remove them, you will realize that you cannot, because the Uninstall button is disabled.

Of course, there are ways to avoid this, either by using the Powershell terminal to uninstall the components in question, or by using some program that helps us clean the system. But the user should not get into these eggplants to remove an app.

At least it seems that Microsoft is aware that this is not a policy that appeals to users, and in the last version launched for Windows Insider users, labuild 14936, has included the possibility of delete pre-installed programs in Windows 10.

How can preinstalled programs be deleted in Windows 10

The change is very small, and only implies that the uninstall button is active when we tap on a pre-installed appsuch as Mail and Calendar or Weather. However, there will still be apps that we will not be able to delete, such as Cortana, Alarms and Clock and Messages, but something is something.

For many users this is good news, not only because we can save some space, but also because these apps will no longer be so annoying.

At the moment, to use this functionality you have to be a Windows Insider user, which implies that you will use an unstable version of Windows, but you will only have to wait to get the same in the final version of Windows.