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Yello, share and discover new places through photographs [iOS 7]


Many times we can discover interesting places that we would like to be able to share with our friends, or we would like to know about the existence of new places with the idea that we can visit them at any given time. Although we have many social tools that allow us these functions, the truth is that Yello ( focuses solely and exclusively on sharing and discovering places through associated photographs taken by mobile devices through its application available for iOS 7 devices.

Yello allows you to track other users, brands with likes for their publications, and also republish their photos of places on our walls, as reported by TNW, where they also warn of the launch of a new version within this week, with the idea of ​​making clear its operating philosophy, in which it is basically an application similar to Foodspotting but instead of photographing the dishes that we like, we would simply photograph the places that we like. In addition, this version also allows us to incorporate titles to our publications, the possibility of having a bio in our profiles, support for emojis and some other things, as stated in its description of news in the App Store.

It is certainly an unknown application, which is why there are no ratings on its tab in the App Store, which is something for which they should work, taking into account the availability of other social applications that allow us to share and discover new places. , having as strengths a user-friendly interface and specifically focused on its function of sharing and discovering places.

Users can also search for new places through the map provided by the application itself. Perhaps some additional functions may be missing, but we must take into account that it has been on the market for a few months, so we must give the team time to learn from the needs of the users and implement them in the form of new features in successive versions.