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Yammer, the social platform for companies, updates all its mobile applications


With the arrival of this long weekend updates for all Yammer applications arrive on those mobile platforms on which it is present, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8, where according to the announcement itself, the team has been working hard to add new features, simplify design, and even in some cases, develop the application from scratch. The announcement breaks down each of the new features by platforms:

Regarding the mobile application for the Android platform, it has been redesigned to be more familiar to users, where, in addition, new languages ​​are now included, these being Korean, Japanese, German and Spanish. The application itself will detect the language in which the terminal where it is running is configured and automatically adapt the interface to that language.

In the case of the mobile application for iOS, the update offers support for iOS 7, although in the case of the iPad it is a completely new application, which incorporates a new design and is also more agile to facilitate the monitoring of messages unread in groups, allowing navigation between messages from different groups.

Regarding Windows Phone, it now has an inbox, which allows users to access and manage their most relevant messages. The search for groups, their inclusion and abandonment, as well as notifications and the live tile functionality, dedicated to sending alerts to users when they do not have applications open, are the novelties of this version.

Lastly, Yammer also updates its application for Windows 8, allowing from this version that users access and participate in the walls of the groups in which they are present, in addition to the main wall. It also incorporates the notifications and the live tile function described above, as well as the Snap functionality, which allows users to adjust the application so that it is available on one side of the screen while they can continue using other applications.

We are already used to companies updating their applications one by one, although in the case of Yammer, it has chosen to update them all simultaneously.