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Yammer adds a couple of new features that improves email conversations


Yammer is the Microsoft tool that facilitates communication in business environments, and as such, they always look for new ways to improve communication between the different members of them who already participate in this platform. In this sense, this week announced a couple of news that aims to strengthen email as a communication tool within the platform itself.

The first new feature will allow any member who does not have a user account in Yammer to participate in a conversation. Any member of the organization can add them just by indicating in the CC field their email address, where the invited member will receive a notification about which they can reply directly, becoming their response within the conversation itself. Furthermore, you can choose to register and continue participating in the conversation as a registered user. If in the future, you do not want to continue participating, you may unsubscribe from the conversation itself.

The second new feature is the availability of an email address for each group, allowing members to send email messages to it. In message forwarding to a Yammer group, a PDF file will be attached that will contain the entire thread of the conversation. In addition, attachments in email messages will also become part of the group, becoming part of the appropriate conversation.

With this, it is intended to improve the coexistence between the platform itself with the email tools for those users who prefer better or have no choice but to use email.