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Yahoo! working on your own Siri / Google Now?


Recently Yahoo! I bought SkyPhrase, a company specialized in natural language processing, something that can be very useful to compete with Siri or Google Now.

And that is precisely what it seems to be doing, according to a video released on androidpolice where you see said assistant running.

If it is true, and the video comes from a reliable source, you will have to face two giants who can incorporate your assistant into their own operating systems (Google Now on Android and Siri on iOS), it will have to be such an impressively good system that Users prefer it and look for it in the markets to install it and replace the one that comes from the factory, and for this they will have to perform functions that the previous ones do not have.

In the video it talks about traffic, in the images it looks like it talks about recommendations of places and appointments in the calendars, let’s hope it continues further but, first, let’s hope that the video is not a fake.

Update: The video is not a fake, it is a real prototype created by Robin Labs that would be part of a presentation that will be made to Yahoo!, as they have found out in TC, although it does not represent any product that they are currently working on.