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Yahoo Weather now optimized for iPad devices

Yahoo Weather

A mobile application that is almost never lacking in users’ smartphones and tablets is one that offers weather forecasts of the places where they are, and of the diversity of existing applications of this type, one of the best options that they can Getting installed is Yahoo’s own meteorological application, Yahoo Weather, which has been renewed by both iPhone users and Android users for several months, precisely eight months and four months respectively.

Yahoo today announces the launch of a new version of Yahoo Weather for iOS optimized for iPad devices, indicating in the App Store application profile that both the design, layout and interactions that users like are optimized for larger screens.

One of the most characteristic features of this application, at a general level, is the use of background images obtained from Flickr and that are related to the forecasts of the places displayed on the screen, offering a unique user experience that is reinforced with the possibility that users themselves can upload their own photos to the Flickr Project Time group. Users will be able to scroll to the bottom of the application to obtain additional data and graphics related to the forecasts themselves, receiving an elegant and easy-to-use experience.

This version also has new options to share meteorological information through the usual social platforms, offering this information to acquaintances through multiple channels, such as email, the microblogging network Twitter or the general social network Facebook.

To use Yahoo Weather on iOS, users must have iPhone and iPad devices under version 6.0 onwards.