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Yahoo scans the emails of its users and passes the information to the US

Yahoo scans the emails of its users and passes the information to the US


New security scandal related to Yahoo: According to company sources, Yahoo is spaying its users to deliver this information to the US government.

It feels like Yahoo is living a nightmare that can’t be woken up, especially when it comes to privacy.

The former internet dominator and one of the great competitors in services such as email and search, today is nothing more than a sad accumulation of waste, that one after another is erasing any prestige that the company might have.

How Yahoo Spares Its Users

Hardly more than a week has passed since Yahoo announced that they were victims of the biggest account theft in history, with the data of 500 million users circulating through the low funds of the Internet.

And now the company has been hit hard again, finding out that Yahoo delivers its users at the request of the US government., to the point of doing the dirty work of searching for relevant information, as published today by Reuters, citing two former company employees and a third person aware of the events as sources.

Yahoo developed last 2015 custom software capable of searching all incoming emails from its own users, ready to be used as soon as the NSA or the FBI request information.

Although it is not known what kind of information these US government agencies (possibly a particular phrase or file) were looking for, I do know that It is the first time that such a system has come to light.

It should be clarified that this system does not consist of opening the stored mail of a specific person, but the application scans all emails that have entered the Yahoo network.

This goes beyond giving the relevant information in a court-ordered investigation, the fact that Yahoo has developed a similar application implies that I did not have to lie when I said that the emails were safe in our accounts, since the scan occurs before they are saved.

The first time a company exposes information about its users in this way

The implications of this system are so serious that it has led to the loss of personnel. When the secret program was discovered by the Yahoo security team in May 2015, they initially thought it was a hacker attack and immediately the company’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, reported to CEO Marissa Mayer.

To Stamos’ surprise, Mayer indicated that it was not actually an external attack but was a measure approved by herself.The situation was so tense that it ended with the departure of Alex Stamos in June 2015; Stamos is currently head of security at Facebook.

According to the experts, Yahoo could have done the same thing as Apple last year, when the FBI asked to unlock an iPhone, and take the petition to court.

Some employees they showed their discontent that the company had not fought in this wayAlthough it did in the past (in 2007 Yahoo fought a request to search for specific emails).

Yahoo has made an extremely short official statement, ensuring that Yahoo is a company that follows the law, and obeys the laws of the United States. It does not explain to what extent it obeys the laws, nor the scope of the program developed to spy on its users.

It is also not known whether the NSA and the FBI made similar requests to other companies, nor how they responded.