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Yahoo recovers tabs on its email service

yahoo Mail

One of the features that have been removed in the new version of Yahoo mail is precisely the tabs, so that users of this email service have not been able to use them anymore since the launch of this new version of the service there for the month. October. Still, Yahoo has been focusing efforts on improving the user experience to enable users to be more productive and efficient in managing their messages, where they recently launched the preview to access both messages, drafts and search results, although this novelty has been insufficient with what they have had to bring back the tabs, although in an improved way.

So that the users of this email service will be able to enjoy from the next days and worldwide the smart tabs, a twist to the traditional tabs that also solves the problem of saturation when you have multiple open tabs. To activate this resurrected feature, you will have to go to View – Multitasking and select Tabs, as reported by Yahoo in a statement.

In case users have multiple tabs open, to find the tab they want, they should only go to the end of the tabs, where they will have a drop-down that has, among other functions, the option to preview all of them. Yahoo invites you to try it out and even use the existing keyboard shortcut for that function. Pressing the Esc key will clear the screen of elements, which is what they call boss mode.

So, those accustomed to the use of tabs in Yahoo Mail, are in luck, since this feature has returned to their inboxes, something that has been highly demanded by users through their feedback, and where Yahoo also invites the rest of users to make their contributions with the idea of ​​continuing to improve their email service.