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Yahoo Announces New Multitasking Experience In Its Email Service

Yahoo Announces New Multitasking Experience In Its Email Service

One of the services to which Yahoo is dedicating the most efforts is to improve its email service, which already underwent a renewal at the beginning of the year and underwent another one month ago, bringing us a new experience in the use of email in its own platform. Despite efforts to improve performance, there are always elements that we can miss in this latest version, such as the use of tabs, something that in previous versions allows us to have several messages and other open elements that we can access easily.

In this sense, over the next week, as announced, we will see the new Recent view, so that we can quickly access the messages we are writing, recent open messages and the latest searches, that is, we will see three sets of the most recent activities we’ve done. If, in addition, we used to use commands to move between tabs, these commands return again to move between activities.

A peculiarity of the new view is that in order to identify the individual messages, despite having a lot of them open, we will only see the ten most recent ones, something that will facilitate their access.

Without a doubt, the boost given by Yahoo to its email service is good, trying to recover lost ground against rivals, who are not making it easy for them.