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Yahoo Acquires SkyPhrase, Natural Language Processing Technology Startup


The interest in having natural language processing technology increases every day, because this allows technology companies to offer users the possibility of naturally establishing instructions that can be understood by their applications and services. Yahoo doesn’t want to be left behind in this niche either, so it has finally launched by acquiring SkyPhrase, a startup that according to some media was developing a technology that allows it to handle natural queries online similar to Wolfram Alpha or Siri.

At the moment, there is only a brief statement on the Yahoo Labs blog, although on the official SkyPhrase page they show their joy at being part of Yahoo Labs as a company that share their vision that information and services through The Internet would be much more powerful and easier to use if people could tell computers what they want to achieve by using natural language, the technology of which would allow computers to understand human language more complex and accurate than ever.

The details of the deal have not yet been officially disclosed, but the four-person team will be part of the Yahoo Labs team in New York. The Verge adds that Forbes magazine reported last year that SkyPhrase had managed to get its technology to work alongside GMail as well as Twitter, allowing users to receive results as searches had more variables, searches that for Siri would be complex to understand. TechCrunch also indicated that it had developed two applications, one to easily view football statistics and the other to integrate with Google Analytics.

In any case, it is the step of Yahoo to enter the natural language processing language market, which sooner or later we will benefit the users of their service.