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Xopie launches mobile application to manage online stores


Xopie ( is a solution that we can use to create an online store without knowing how to program. They include various designs, various forms of payment and a free option for stores with few products, as well as the possibility of publishing the store in both Spanish and English.

Now it was time to focus on management from the mobile world, and for this they have launched an application for managing online stores from these types of devices. The new tool allows you to manage online demands for services and products from your smartphone, thus allowing you to respond quickly to purchases made. We can view graphics on placed orders, low-stock products, and item comments, as well as schedule notifications to receive notices at the time an order is placed.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android, it continues its unstoppable path, since Xopie has managed to create more than 20 thousand stores in less than 5 years of life, really interesting numbers for this type of project.

There are several solutions to create stores both on the web and within social networks. We have, for example, solutions to create Spanish stores within Facebook, we have also told you about Blomming on several occasions, a simple solution for creating online stores, but it is the first time that we have seen a mobile app to manage stores without the need for be in front of the monitor.