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Xbox One will allow you to surf the Internet while playing, using your voice

xbox one

News in the expected Xbox One, this time related to multitasking capacity and the possibility of surfing the Internet in an unconventional way.

He announces on his blog that Internet Explorer for Xbox One can be used at the same time as any other task (such as playing). Be able to navigate using your voice (open this page, click here …), a smartphone as a remote control or kinect for those who want to navigate using their hands. Several ways to make it possible without interrupting the usual task with the console control.

Xbox One will be available on November 22, and it seems that they have concentrated quite a bit on the navigation capacity of the platform. The Internet Explorer that will be inside will be compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, improving the current version that has already been running for a year on Xbox 360. In this case we will have practically the same functionalities as the PC version: multiple tabs, private browsing, cookie blocking , etc. as well as greater integration with Xbox SmartGlass and voice commands:

Just by saying Xbox select When Internet Explorer is running, we will see a list of the different voice commands that are available. Probably the most popular commands are Navigate to and Click on, Internet Explorer uses the latest Kinect voice technology so you can navigate to your favorite sites and click on any link on a page – all without lifting a finger.

In the same article they discuss some tips for developers who want to make websites specifically designed for Xbox One (something that is not strictly necessary, since IE open any). These tips will apply perfectly for those who have websites with advice on games, for example, since it is something that will surely open up the gamers while they are playing.