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WWWhatsnew in the Coguan 2010 Spanish Online Advertising Quartet

WWWhatsnew in the Coguan 2010 Spanish Online Advertising Quartet

One more year, Coguan launched the Spanish Online Advertising Quartet 2010, an advertising marketing activity created to present and promote a selection of popular web media to 1,000 professionals in the sector.

Among the 52 web supports of various topics is, one of the cards in this game that allows potential clients to better understand a series of outstanding supports to consider for their campaigns. This has only been possible thanks to you, readers, because with your support and loyalty we have more resources to continue to report daily on everything that is happening on the web.

Coguan collaborates with four partners from various disciplines to establish synergies due to their complementary nature that help to promote the Quartet:

– Influencia, comprehensive marketing agency of the leading group Marco de Comunicacin – Digital Road, a company dedicated to the development of online businesses – Suma Consulting, a consultancy specialized in brand development – Digital Novae Media (dnovae), specialist in the management and distribution of videos in network

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