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WordPress extension to offer tweeters different titles to spread

WordPress extension to offer tweeters different titles to spread

An interesting article published on the bufferapp blog invites us to discover an extension for WordPress that allows us to offer our readers Twitter users several different phrases to publicize our article, thus avoiding the publication of the same post title.

Is about, very easy to install and configure, since we only have to add the additional options that our readers will see at the end of each article.

The disclosed url will be the same, but the accompanying text may be different, allowing each reader to send to Twitter the one they think is most convenient.

But we want to delve into the way in which they modify the formats, designs and structures of brand content in this new business model.

There is no doubt that, from the transition between the early days of SEO to this human and social SEO that we are now advancing, we have seen how new tools, applications and platforms have been developed by the people behind each click.

This leads us to analyze the reasons why today, when we move from the integration between the real and virtual worlds, towards the massive penetration of the mobile Web as an element inherent to the human being, innovation in relation to brand content continues directed towards the impact on emotions through the virality derived from quality.

Today what is shared is content, it is not even a specifically created content, optimized and elaborated to achieve a good positioning, but much more than that, to share what is unique, that breaks schemes and allows conclusions to be drawn in identifying new ideas.

People do not share content just because they are good, people share content because it impacts them, teaches them and is stored in their memory.

Taking a twist and when we are already aware that, although we cannot reduce friction, we can sharpen our ingenuity and strategies in order to achieve loyalty before active participation arises, only letting ourselves be carried away by the magnet.

This extension not only favors virality and SEO, and therefore a more dynamic exhibition, but also, it is ideal for the mobile Web where, text and audiovisual content, are the main ingredients of success.

Having the possibility of highlighting an author, a concept, an idea, optimizing it and sending it directly to the hearts of our followers, is a very good way to continue moving towards loyalty as an essential element of brand growth.

Today the message is brief, impactful, audiovisual and with the transmission of fresh ideas, including the social action of Twitter within our message is a very good way to highlight what responds to the needs of the public for whom it is intended.

It is evident that letting fly the capacity to innovate, that one that always begins with the imagination, so suddenly – it occurs to us to think how much of the information derived from social action we include in the contents that we create every day and how much of what the customers, could be highlighted with the inclusion of a Twitter button, in that impact phrase. Can we imagine something more direct to emotions?

I leave you with the technical and practical information on the 4 simple actions to include the Twitter button within our texts and launch the arrow towards the heart of our clients’ needs.