javascript contador Saltar al contenido already allows you to integrate Facebook posts into your blogs already allows you to integrate Facebook posts into your blogs

A few weeks ago, Facebook enabled the possibility that users could integrate public status updates on websites with the corresponding HTML code that they could obtain from them, and now it is who announces that the integration of these updates has arrived. at their own service, where they will also include the accompanying media, such as photographs, images, or videos.

The procedure is quite simple to perform, since users should only obtain the permanent link of the status update that they wish to integrate through its publication date, and simply paste it into the edition panel. of the blog post they are creating, automatically appearing once the blog post has been published.

Remember that is the service of Automattic that allows users to create their web spaces with the WordPress publishing system without having to have servers to manage, although the possibilities of using its features will depend on whether they keep the free options or expand to paid options. Similarly, has custom settings for certain areas of publications.

With this step, users catch up with users who have chosen to install WordPress on their servers, who have been able to integrate Facebook’s public status updates into their own web spaces from the moment of its launch.

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