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woowos, new Spanish alternative to Whatsapp


It seems that it is difficult to knock down WhatsApp and get it off the podium. Although it is an unsafe messaging system, with few features and little appeal, it is still the leader in its category, although others, such as LINE, have been on their heels for a long time.

The fact is that this does not discourage entrepreneurs who continue to offer more practical, more complete, and safer alternatives … and it is the case of, a project that we are presented today from Spain.

The idea of ​​this application is to be able to send instant messages and images with the possibility of encrypting messages or removing them from the destination phone, similar to what the recently commented Inbox does.

In this way we can encrypt the message and protect it with a password, as well as delete it, although WOOWOS allows us to know whether or not the recipient has had time to read the message with a read confirmation symbol.

Inspired by Snapchat, with the possibility of deleting messages from destination devices in a group chat and check who has read and received the message, it is available on iOS and Android in both Spanish and English and Catalan.

In addition to trying to continue increasing the already 60,000 users who use the application, they now want to test private companies so that Woowos is the messaging system used internally, thus offering an alternative to email.