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Wolfram announces a new programming language


Stephen Wolfram, founder of the well-known semantic search engine Wolfram | Alpha, announces through its blog the development of a new programming language to call the Wolfram Language, which will be based on the Mathematica application, which it has been using in its company for more than 25 years. According to him, his programming language has a different vision with respect to the different existing programming languages ​​of general purpose, since it pretends to be a unique fully integrated system, integrating everything possible in the same language, with the idea of ​​not depending on libraries. external to increase functionality, as reported by The Verge.

In this way, it would have capabilities for creating graphics, image processing, or even for understanding natural language, among others, so that it would allow complex tasks to be performed using simple and easy-to-learn ways. The language would allow the development of standard desktop applications, and the founder’s own company will also launch a cloud for programming, which will allow developers to create and launch their applications via the web.

Wolfram Language It would also bring advances in Mathematica software, including the launch of Mathematica Online, which enables the execution of complete sessions within the web browser itself.

At the moment, no further information is provided about their programming language, both in terms of their language itself and in the development and release schedules. In the coming months it announces that it will offer more information in this regard.