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Wolfram already allows us to solve polynomial equations step by step


Yes, we talk a lot about WolframWe know it, but it is inevitable not to be impressed by the wonders that this search engine is capable of offering. You only have to filter by Wolfram here, at, to check their trajectory: it is able to show how some animals see, it compares mathematical results, it obtains structured information on millions of concepts, it informs whether or not the passwords are secure … they are dozens of texts that we have published showing its functionalities, and today’s deserves a new note.

They announce on their blog that from now on we can see the step-by-step of solving equations with polynomials. We just have to report the equation and see how it is solved little by little, thus allowing us to accompany the solution process.

This new option is available free of charge for registered users who use it up to 3 times a day, having to pay for the premium plan for those who need to run it unlimitedly.

A few months ago we showed you 6 sites to solve math problems on the Internet, it seems that Wolfram wants to stay in the leadership of that category, and with features like that I am sure they will for a long time.