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Wolfram Alpha now lets you find song lyrics


He compares sizes of planets, he tells us how animals see, he finds solutions to mathematical problems, he knows a lot about history, geography, anatomy … Wolfram is a great seeker, with intelligence that transforms him into a reference, used by Siri, for example, to get answers to specific questions.

And if the dozens of articles on the wonders of Wolfram are not surprising, here we leave you one more, where we inform you that from now on Wolfram will also return lyrics of the songs that we indicate.

They announce it on their blog as the result of a partnership with, thanks to which we can see letters from thousands of titles from several few.

But they are not limited to that, they also allow you to generate word clouds to verify which are the most used in the songs, and even compare lyrics or take a look at the album covers that released them.

Here’s an example with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody song, showing the different sections of all the information you are able to get in this first version.

When people ask me something related to the comparison between Google and Wolfram, I usually answer the same thing: Google gives me links, Wolfram gives me answers. With Google I manage to create my own answer, elaborate the topic, find related issues and form an opinion, with Wolfram I get what I want quickly and concretely, without options, without detours, and that is something that is sometimes appreciated.