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With Winamp, SHOUTcast could die, a platform used by more than 50,000 online radios


The death of Winamp affects the most nostalgic, although few are already those who use an mp3 player of this type on their computer, mainly with sophisticated web solutions such as spotify, deezer, rdio and company.

There are many good alternatives to Winamp (, for example), but there are few solutions for those who use another solution than dying along with Winamp: SHOUTCast (

SHOUTcast is a solution used by more than 50,000 online radios, a streaming technology developed by Nullsoft that uses MP3 or AAC and is ideal for transmitting radio over the internet. It was bought by AOL, along with Winamp, and they will surely die together.

They commented on Techcrunch that it is possible for Microsoft to buy both solutions, although at the moment there is no official news to confirm it. What is clear is that SHOUTcast closes its doors in a short time and there are thousands of radio stations that depend on it.

We are told by Egostreaming that SHOUTcast is the audio streaming technology used by 92% of online radio stations around the world, something that can raise Microsoft’s interest in taking over this giant directory of SHOUTcast radio stations.

At the Dutch company Egostreaming (, which sells the streaming service to online radio stations, comment that they have already made changes to their streaming servers so as not to depend on SHOUTcast. Daniel Leeuw, head of the company, commented a few days ago in Madrid:

The situation is more serious than we think, since all streaming providers are updated to the latest version of SHOUTcast, which allows you to broadcast in MP3 format with a license that depends on the SHOUTcast service itself for each radio station.

Our technical proposal has been necessary since we cannot depend on the future that AOL decides and that will affect more than 90% of online radio stations around the world.

AOL does not comment on this, no alternative to SHOUTcast, no warning of the quiet type, we will save SHOUTcast in some way, Microsoft continues to sound the radio of the rumor, nothing confirmed, and meanwhile, thousands of online radios on the tightrope.