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Wistia – Professional video hosting platform with free option


Creating a video and sending it to customers within YouTube or Vimeo may not be a good idea. There is content that deserves special attention, and statistics that current platforms do not show, so on many occasions it is important to look to a video hosting platform more suitable for the professional use we give it.

Wistia ( is one of them, a solution that allows us to publish videos on the Internet and distribute them privately, consulting extremely complete statistics on who is visiting the content and how long each one remains. We can choose between HTML5 or Flash, so that the content can be viewed correctly on any device, customize the aesthetics and the buttons available in the player we offer, request the email of the users to view the content (something essential to build a database subscriber data), see which part of the video is the most popular or when visitors leave the view, send the videos to Twitter and allow followers to see it embedded there, create a map with all the content organized… dozens of functionalities that allow us to understand the difference between spreading video on free platforms or opting for a solution like Wistia.

The free version allows publishing up to 3 videos, there are other options with a price proportional to both the number of videos and the contracted bandwidth.

During the month of August they released a series of new features that include both tools to create Landing Pages based on video and functions that help to alter the appearance of all embedded videos without modifying the code. You can check them here.