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Windows Vista, the misunderstood Microsoft, dies officially

Windows Vista, the misunderstood Microsoft, dies officially

Windows Vista, the misunderstood Microsoft, dies officially

The end of Windows Vista is here, ten years after its release. If you still use it, you’d better find alternatives.

It is always a shame when an operating system dies, even when it is as hated as Windows Vista once was.

Most have already forgotten, or made the leap, to more modern versions of Windows; but in due course, Vista was the most hated operating system; rivaling only outright failures like Windows Millenium.

The change from the acclaimed Windows XP was simply too big for many people; but above all, it seemed that the changes were unjustified.

Windows Vista, system that changed for change

Windows had changed for the sake of change, and in many ways, not for the better.

A good example was the new visual style, Aero, which abused transparency and the crystal effects; It is a style that has not endured well the passage of time precisely. At the time, he was accused of triggering system requirements, particularly for users of integrated graphics.

Vista also marked the premiere of UAC, a functionality with which Microsoft expected tackling the malware problem. This additional layer asks for the user’s permission every time a program tries to take control of our computer.

An interesting idea, but it resulted in constant interruptions pop-up windows that wouldn’t let us do anything until we answered. Especially, having to enter the password was very tiring.

Over time, UAC has improved and the average user has accepted its presence; but in the first weeks the most searched on the net was how to disable it.

Outclassed by its own predecessor

The reaction to these changes was immediate; supposed a second youth for Windows XP that received millions of annoyed users with Vista.

Thanks to Vista, Microsoft had no choice but to continue supporting Windows XP long after what I had planned.

Windows Vista may not be the most loved operating system. But that does not mean that there are no people who use it; According to the latest data, Vista has less than 1% market share (0.72% according to NetMarketShare).

The end of Windows Vista arrives on April 11

If you still use Windows Vista, you’d better jump to another system now.

Tomorrow April 11 will be released the latest security update for Windows Vista; From then on, all bugs and problems that are discovered will not receive an official solution from Microsoft.

That supposes usesr a potentially insecure system, a risk that is not worth it; But considering that Windows XP’s market share has remained stable, despite being abandoned in 2014, it is unlikely that this will convince many people.

Therefore, since Omicrono we can only fire Windows Vista. In perspective, it was a necessary system so Microsoft would look to the future instead of staying in the present.

Most of its innovations were improved in later versions of Windows, up to Windows 10; that’s a demonstration that perhaps, he was ahead of his time.