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Windows 7 Service Pack 2 already available, although Microsoft does not call it that

Do you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 password? You could still install Windows 10 for free

Do you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 password? You could still install Windows 10 for free

Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 is now available, even if that is not its official name.

Currently Microsoft is completely focused on Windows 10, especially on continuing to develop new features and security updates that will come with the next anniversary update of Windows 10.

But we cannot forget that, despite the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is committed to continue offering support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, at least until 2020 in the case of the first and until 2023 in the case of the second. It is clear that he does not do it happily, but he does.

Microsoft remembers its most used system

The bad thing if you are a Windows 7 user is that The first and last service pack that Microsoft released for this platform came out in 2011.; Since then, many patches and updates have been released for Windows 7, but we had to download and install them separately.

This proves to be maddening when we format and want to install Windows 7 again; once we install SP1, we have to download five years of updates and let the computer reboot countless times while installing them. Depending on our connection and our computer, we can spend an entire day updating Windows 7 to the last patch.

windows 7 update 2

The good news is that at Microsoft they have stopped pampering their prodigal son Windows 10 to pay a little attention to the teenager they want to kick out of home, Windows 7, and they have given him a convenience update, which they don’t want to call Service Pack. 2, but let’s be honest, is what Service Pack 2 would have been if it had existed.

This update collect all updates for Windows 7 for the past five years, from Service Pack 1; in this way, once we install Windows 7 we only have to install this program and when it finishes we will have the system completely updated until April 2016.

How to get Service Pack 2 for Windows 7

If it sounds too pretty to be true, it’s because it is: Microsoft does not want to release this update by Windows Update, so we will have to download and install it on our own, although first we have to make sure we have the KB3020369 update installed.

And in case there is any doubt that Microsoft does not really want to make life easier for us, they have decided to upload the update to the Windows Update Catalog, a website that has been abandoned for years and is only compatible with Internet Explorer. Neither Chrome, Firefox, nor Edge, Microsoft’s new browser, work. That is because the web uses ActiveX to analyze our computer and check what updates are missing, a very good idea last decade but not so good today.

windows 7 update 1

At least this launch today has been accompanied by a very good announcement: from now on, Non-security updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be available on a monthly basis. That means that each month we will receive a patch with all the updates, which will simplify things a lot and improve the quality of the updates since Microsoft will have more time to work on them.

Anyway, despite everything, we would have to thank Microsoft for not forgetting Windows 7, which is still its most used system.

Download Convenience Update for Windows 7