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Windows 10 will have a virtual trackpad to use the tablet as a mouse

Windows 10 will have a virtual trackpad to use the tablet as a mouse

Windows 10 will have a virtual trackpad to use the tablet as a mouse

With the addition of the virtual trackpad in Windows 10, Microsoft offers more possibilities to control our system.

The virtual keyboard is the most famous tool to replace real hardware, and one of the most useful on devices like tablets.

With the virtual keyboard, there is no need to take a keyboard with the tablet, and that is a very important advantage in a system like Windows 10, designed to be unique among all devices.

Virtual trackpad in Windows 10 reaches Insider versions

Now we are facing a virtual trackpad in Windows 10, and if you think it is useless, wait a bit.

Basically it’s about a black window to stay on the desk, in a corner. The main part is the area in which we can move the pointer, and we have a left click and a right click.

For now it is very basic and does not have any special functionality. Like the virtual keyboard, it helps us control the system without the need for a truly connected trackpad.

But why do we want to use a trackpad if we can use a mouse? For many reasons.

Mainly, the virtual trackpad is designed to be used on tablets and devices with touch screens. The idea is for us to have a mouse substitute on hand, if we don’t have a real one on hand.

A tool to use the tablet with a screen

For example, if we connect the tablet to a monitor or a television. We can use the big screen as the main one, and move the pointer with the virtual trackpad.

If you always carry the tablet with you, it is a very useful tool. To activate it, just touch and hold on the taskbar and select Show touchpad button. A button will appear, just like the one on the virtual keyboard.

At the moment we can only enjoy this functionality in Build14965 of Windows Insider; Microsoft has not clarified, but probably be part of the Creators Update that is expected for next year.