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Windows 10 will have a game mode to improve performance

Windows 10 will have a game mode to improve performance

Windows 10 will have a game mode to improve performance

Windows 10 gaming mode may be closer than ever, and for good reason.

The PC sector has been in crisis for years, and there are no signs that things will improve in 2017; Of course, this is bad news for the company that dominates the market, Microsoft.

However, among so much bad news there is a ray of light: the gaming sector. It is the only one that has grown in recent years, the only one that is attracting the attention of buyers.

Why Windows 10 needs a game mode

That is because playing PC is easier and recommended than ever. More and more people are willing to take the leap, even to set up their own gaming computer. Every week many games come out in stores like Steam, more than we could play.

And yet, Windows 10 seems totally oblivious to this phenomenon. Yes, we have Xbox apps and features like GameDVR; but at the moment of truth all they do is take up system resources and lower the frame rate per second.

What PC gamers really want is get the best performance with the hardware they have. Something that is not always easy; Although Windows 10 manages resources better than its predecessors, it continues loading things in the background that we will not use if the main function of our PC is to play.

The solution would be a Gaming Mode, a game mode that we could start when we wanted to play; is something the fans have been asking for, and we may soon be able to enjoy it.

Proof that Windows 10 gaming mode is in development

An analysis of Windows 10 build14997, the previous version that Windows Insider users can install, has revealed references to a game mode; specifically, in that version a new DLL called gamemode.dll has been added.

The programmer who discovered the file analyzed it; has reached the conclusion when that library is loaded, Windows change the way you manage resources.

With this mode active, Windows will focus on prioritize processes started by games that we execute. It is not clear how this will be done, by closing background processes or services that are not normally used.

We also do not know whether to change the interface, for example to something like Steam Big Picture designed to be navigated with a controller.

It is possible that this mode of Windows 10 games arrives with the Creators Update, which is expected for the first months of the year.