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Windows 10 themes are here to customize your computer

Windows 10 themes are here to customize your computer

Windows 10 themes are here to customize your computer

The first begin to arrive themes to the Microsoft app store that will allow us customize Windows 10 computers.

A few months ago, Microsoft announced some of the new features of Windows 10 Creators Update, the next major update to its operating system that will arrive in the first quarter of 2017.

Among those novelties are the themes, that is, we can customize the appearance of our teams just by installing a new theme. Now they begin to arrive at the Windows Store.

Themes to customize Windows 10 in the Windows Store

Many users are looking to make their computers unique, different from the rest of the world despite the fact that, at the base, they use the same operating system. The easiest form of customization is the wallpapers, but the themes for Windows 10 they want to be something else.

Microsoft’s idea is that developers can upload themes to Windows to the App Store that change the general aesthetics of the OS, from the background, to the color of the menus, the sounds of the system or the icons of programs and applications.

These are the ones already appear in the Windows 10 Store:

As you may have noticed, they are not yet supported by Windows, it indicates that we need to be part of the Insider program but even there there is no buildprepared for them.

These are all themes created by Microsoft and are essentially sets of themed photos to customize Windows 10, but it is expected that in the coming months, with the Creators Update, developers are encouraged and create more advanced themes (both free and paid).